Suits you nicely sir!

A broad brimmed hat is essential. The sun can be pretty strong out here and keeping it off one's dome is a good idea.

Other than that wonderful piece of advice, dress as comfortably as possible. There's no real worry about the summer but during the winter I as a Guide have a Hoggs of Fife fleece lined shirt and a zipped fleece lined jersey. These I find invaluable.

Throughout the year I also wear a mesh camouflaged waistcoat with plenty of pockets for all those small accessories that I need as a photographer in the field. Being mesh it is both lightweight and breatheable, both essential characteristics for any fieldwork during the majority of the year.

Long socks are useful, especially after a wet Spring promotes a harvest of unlikeable ticks, and I always wear long trousers, never shorts - for which I am sure the general populace thanks me.

Shoes are possibly the most important item, and I prefer waterproof Timberlands with a decent grip.