Stuff we know that works!

This can be broken down into four sections, Clothing, Bins and 'scopes, Photography and Extras.


During the winter I as a Guide have a Hoggs of Fife fleece lined shirt and a zipped fleece lined jersey. These I find invaluable.

Throughout the year I wear a mesh camouflaged waistcoat with plenty of pockets for all those small accessories that I need as a photographer in the field. Being mesh it is both lightweight and breatheable, both essential characteristics for any fieldcraft during the majority of the year.

Long socks are useful, especially after a wet Spring promotes a harvest of unlikeable ticks, and I always wear long trousers, never shorts - for which I am sure the general populace thanks me.

Shoes are possibly the most important item, and I prefer waterproof Timberlands with a decent grip.


Bins and 'Scopes

Both my bins and my 'scope are made by Swarovski. I find their ruggedness particularly attractive as more often than not they're rattling around in the car and I cannot afford for them to develop any problems.

 My bins are 10 X 50s and, though heavy, they gather a great deal of light which enhances colour while also giving me a decent magnification, and they're excellent for focusing on the "inside" of a tree or bush. 

My 'scope is an HD with a 20 - 60 adjustable eyepiece and sports a protective jacket.

There are obviously many other makes but these have been my stalwart companions for the last 15 years or so with no problems at all.



I have a couple of Canon EOS 7Ds and also an EOS-1D Mark IV.

My primary jack of all trades lens is the Canon EF 400 mm f5.6 and for stationary work I enjoy the EF 800 mm f5.6 with a one and a half convertor - but I certainly don't enjoy lifting it out of the car, and anyone who's ever done so will understand!

For macro work I use a Canon EF 100 mm f2.8 L.

For landscapes I use a wide angled EFS 10 - 22 mm.



Essential extra #1 is a decent tripod and I have two, the first a light carbon fibre Manfrotto 055CXPro4 with a Benro GH2 gimbal head, (which I find excellent, especially when using the heavy 800 mm), and for my 'scope I use the heavier Manfrotto 144Bird, (which has proved its worth through over 20 years of hard knocks and use.

Another piece of equipment that I use nowadays and which I find essential is the Cotton Carrier "Camera vest". This leaves my hands free while carrying a camera and lens securely on my chest with another on my hip with the weight spread onto my shoulders and hip instead of my neck. I cannot rate this product highly enough even though it does make one look ridiculously Rambo-esque.