(Western) Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) Gralha-de-nuca-cinzenta

I grew up with Jackdaws nesting in the chimney that formed part of my bedroom wall, and some of my earliest memories are filled with their gentle cawing, so I have a particular soft spot for them and I'm glad to say that they're a widespread resident species here in southern Portugal, though absent from the north of the country.

Intelligent and resourceful, they are gregarious and pair for life, usually being observed as a couple, though they live in a complex social grouping. They are only common here in certain locales, preferring rocky cliffs or high ruins where they can nest.

Their original old English name was simply "Daw" with the "Jack" being added around the 16th century to signify that they were a small member of the Crow family, (similarly "Jack Snipe" meaning a small Snipe).

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