Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros) Rabirruivo-preto

Just for a change, Black Redstarts actually do what the reference books say they do - they're on the coast around here during the summer, breeding on the cliffs and in tall coastal buildings, and during the winter they move inland and frequently appear in the Quinta's garden. They can on occasion be confiding and appear in the centre of built-up areas. In the north of Portugal they are resident throughout the year.

The males are overall dark with a lighter grey crown and back, but the red tail can sometimes be hidden by the primaries. There is a prominent white panel in the wing when the bird is stationary, but this is inconspicuous in flight. The female is more cryptic being a dull grey-brown overall, but the red tail is obvious in flight in both sexes, as is its tail bobbing.

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